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Today’s Oakland Limo Deals & Special Offers:

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Featured Oakland & SF Bay Area Limo Services

Oakland Limo Transfers

Oakland Limousines - limo transferBook the best door to door VIP limousine service for transfers inside the city of Oakland or between the cities in the Bay Area so you don’t have to stress over driving in unfamiliar areas, fight for parking in busy districts, or waist your time looking for a taxi cab. Get a professional, reliable and dependable Limo Transfer in a punctual, courteous manner.

Oakland Corporate Limos

Oakland Limousines - corporate limosBook a private luxury business transportation, providing corporate executives with the safest & most reliable limos in Oakland or San Francisco Bay Area. Experience the ultimate in luxury service and value. Simply relax and stay focused on the important business matters during your limo ride.

SF Bay Area Sightseeing Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - limo toursSan Francisco Bay Area is one of the most exiting places for sightseeing limo tours. People form all over are coming to see the contrast of different neighborhoods, nature, and explore one of the jewels of mans creation. Get a custom tailored comfortable luxury limo tour to suit you in every way possible. Make it unforgettable experience, take a camera and stop for pictures or film, you will not regret.

Sausalito Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - Sausalito limo toursSausalito is a San Francisco Bay town near the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It’s a wealthy and artistic enclave, picturesque residential community, and popular tourist destination. Limo tours bring passengers right up to the lovely views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The town is a wonderful photo-taking destination.

Muir Wood Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - Muir Woods limo toursMuir Woods National Monument is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. San Francisco limo services offer limo tours to this heritage site with its majestic giant redwood trees and many trails that visitors can investigate. The average age of the trees in the forest is between five hundred and eight hundred years old.

Napa Valley Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - Napa valley limo toursSchedule your personal wine country limo tour by taking advantage of one of the limo tours developed to show visitors the best the valley has to offer, or select the wineries you’d most like to visit and a limo company will help you to create a custom itinerary that includes visits to your favorite wine makers. Read More

Monterey Bay Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - Monterey Bay limo toursExperience the top limo tour in the Bay Area as you ride along the breathtaking Big Sur coastline on Highway One. Explore the boutiques and attractions of iconic Cannery Row. Take a glass of wine at tucked-away tasting rooms where the winemaker might just be the person pouring. Monterey Bay has something impressive for everyone. Read More

Carmel Limo Tours

Oakland Limousines - Carmel limo toursCarmel is known for its natural scenery and rich artistic history. In 1906, the San Francisco Call devoted a full page to the “artists, poets and writers of Carmel-by-the-Sea”, and in 1910 it reported that 60 percent of Carmel’s houses were built by citizens who were “devoting their lives to work connected to the aesthetic arts.” Read More

  •  Hotels in SF Bay Area

    Cavallo Point
    Price Range: From $370 per night

    Cavallo Point Five-Star Golden Gate Bridge Accommodations
    An award-winning escape, Cavallo Point is a luxury San Francisco hotel located at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. From hiking to spa services, there is something to please every guest at this five-star San Francisco hotel. Take a drive along the scenic roads to Napa or Sonoma Valleys, or stay in the city and enjoy shopping, dining, and attractions. With stunning views and spacious accommodations, there is no better choice than Cavallo Point.

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    San Francisco Bay Area offers a wide range of accommodations, from a healthy supply of hostels and budget hotels to the lavish, luxurious hotels in the city center, as well as just about everything in-between. The majority of accommodations are in the northeastern portion of San Francisco , in and around the popular areas of Downtown, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf. As one moves into the mostly residential neighborhoods to the west, the sleeping options filter down to small inns and bed and breakfasts.

    Decide if you want to be in walking distance of your destinations, or are up to driving and parking (which can be quite an undertaking in some of the busier areas of San Francisco) or taking public transit. If you have a specific destination in mind, please look also in our specific hotel sections.

    If you’d rather stay closer to the Oakland or San Francisco International Airport, there are plenty of standard airport accommodations.

     More SF Bay Area Luxury Hotel Deals: Here

    Don’t forget about Oakland or SF Bay Area limo deals and specials above, booking your limo from the hotel.

  •   Oakland International Airport


    Oakland International Airport (OAK) is five miles south of downtown Oakland, in Alameda County, California. It is one of three international airports in the San Francisco Bay Area. The airport has passenger service to cities in the United States, Mexico and Europe. OAK is the closest airport to the San Francisco financial district—both geographically and by public transit.

    An advantage of OAK over SFO is OAK’s history of a high on-time arrival percentage, despite many days of rainy and foggy weather in each city. In 2009 OAK had the highest on-time arrival percentage among the 40 busiest North American airports.

    Make the limousine trip to or from the airport more affordable with Oakland and SF Bay Area limo deals above.

  •    Oakland, California

    sf bay area - OaklandOakland is a port city in the Bay Area of California in the United States of America. The city was rated by Rand McNally as having the best weather in the country. In years past, Bay Area media made a point that Oakland did not have the concentration of tourist amenities present in San Francisco to the west, or the suburban ethos of San Jose to the south, but the Oakland visitor in fact could always easily spend a few pleasant days here with a wealth of things to do and see.

    Often overshadowed by San Francisco, its larger and somewhat self-satisfied neighbor lying directly to the west, Oakland has in recent years began to step out from under the shadows, playing upon the beautiful highlights of its own and its rise as the multicultural “hipster” city of the Bay Area. Decades ago, former Oakland resident Gertrude Stein returned to visit her hometown of Oakland, from which she departed over twenty years earlier, only to find that her synagogue, her school, a favorite park, and the home in which she grew up no longer existed. An acquaintance, unaware that Stein had already visited the city, asked her if she planned to visit Oakland. Stein replied, “Why go to Oakland? There is no there there.” Stein was referring to the institutions and fixtures of her childhood that had, with time, changed completely or disappeared. Detractors of the Oakland, however, have taken this statement out of context as another means to denigrate the city.
    But Oakland’s visitors can find the “there” there, most easily in the city’s very affluent and beautiful hillside neighborhoods, its burgeoning culinary scene, its somewhat eccentric shopping districts, the parks, its sports teams, and its waterfront. Several distinct neighborhoods comprise Oakland, all of which host a heady mix of cultures and people.
    Oakland has nurtured or been a second home to novelists Gertrude Stein, Jack London, Amy Tan, and Maya Angelou; actors Mark Hamill, Bruce Lee, and Tom Hanks; architect Julia Morgan; classical conductor Calvin Simmons; rappers MC Hammer and Tupac Shakur, and many other notables in the liberal arts and sciences. Governor of California, Jerry Brown, and his wife maintain a large home in the affluent Montclair district, an Oakland neighborhood noted for its steep, wooded hillsides, and expansive homes and estates, many of which have stunning vistas of the city, the San Francisco Bay, and San Francisco and the Marin headlands beyond.

    According to the 2000 Census, Oakland is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States (along with Long Beach, California), with over 150 languages spoken within the city’s borders. Reflecting this, Oakland holds several annual cultural events, such as the Art & Soul Weekend (held on Labor day weekend), the Cinco de Mayo Fruitvale Festival Parade (early May), the Chinatown Streetfest (late August), and the Oakland Holiday Parade in December.

  •   Luxury Shopping in the Bay Area

    sf shoppingIf you want it, chances are likely you can get it in San Francisco. There are a wide range of small and locally owned businesses throughout the city’s neighborhoods; in fact, San Francisco has for the most part repelled the development of large chain retailers and big box stores that are common across America.

    If it’s tourist trinkets you’re looking for, Fisherman’s Wharf has the typical souvenir, T-shirt, and camera shops, along with plenty of specialty stores. However, San Francisco’s most popular shopping area is Union Square, which has all the big national department stores (Macy’s, Saks, Nordstrom, etc.) and plenty of fancy boutique stores, as well as a few shopping centers thrown in.
    For small, upscale boutiques, Union Street, Hayes Street around Octavia, Fillmore Street around California street, and Chestnut Street in the Golden Gate area are lined with unique and trendy places, and all these streets are among the best spots in the city to window shop and nash. Nob Hill is also full of specialty places.

    But if you don’t have a luxury dollar to spend and still want to walk away with something unique, there are plenty of shops in Chinatown for you, selling Oriental handicrafts of all descriptions, and no chain stores in sight. Japantown also offers plenty of great shops selling authentic souvenirs, including the excellent Kinokuniya Stationery/Bookstore. The Haight is full of excellent independent record and book stores, with Amoeba Music dominating the scene.

    For basic supplies, try the ubiquitous 7-Eleven convenience stores and Walgreens pharmacies. If you need groceries, Safeway is the dominant supermarket chain in the city. There are Safeway stores in SoMa, near Fisherman’s Wharf, and near the Financial District, but not near Union Square. The closest supermarket to Union Square is the upscale Bristol Farms supermarket at Westfield San Francisco Shopping Center.

    Get the best deal above when you’re booking a shopping spree limo.

  •    Dining in the Bay Area

    San Francisco is a sensual, epicurean city with a vast array of restaurants. In fact, San Francisco has more restaurants per capita than any major city in North America, with 1 restaurant for every 250 residents (in comparison, New York City has 1 restaurant for every 940 residents). The price range is huge, and you can spend anywhere from a small fortune to a couple bucks for every type of cuisine. Vegetarians and vegans will find SF a paradise, however contrary to popular belief the city has one of the lowest rates of vegetarian consumers in the nation. Sushi is a local obsession, and though you can find a sushi bar on almost every street corner, the Richmond district has more than its fair share of excellent sushi chefs.

    San Francisco is also one of the best places in the nation for Asian cuisine: Korean, Thai, Indian, Japanese and, of course, Chinese. With the largest Chinatown in North America as well as one of the largest Chinese communities in the West, there are many exceptional restaurants serving dim sum and other Chinese delicacies found throughout the city. This localized Chinese cuisine has its feet in Hong Kong and America, and is different from what many visitors are accustomed to — it is common to hear complaints from Chinese visitors that Chinese food here is not like the food back home. There are several main types of Chinese restaurants in San Francisco: those primarily serving immigrants from Hong Kong (“Hong Kong style”) which commonly have signs on the wall in Chinese characters, live fish and shellfish tanks and some exotic main ingredients, such as pig’s blood or sea cucumber; those primarily serving San Franciscans who are not Asian immigrants (“California Chinese”) which commonly have Westernized table service, low fat content and more emphasis on fresh vegetables; those primarily serving tourists or other people accustomed to Chinese food as it is commonly served in the United States (“Americanized Chinese”); and those primarily serving immigrants from other areas or a particular dietary need or interest (regional cuisines, vegetarian, Muslim). There may be some mixing between these various classifications and each category may influence the others, for instance, the Americanized dish known as Chop Suey is often not served even at Americanized Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, while Chinese vegetables such as bok choy and pea sprouts may turn up on your plate at California Cuisine style restaurants.

    Fisherman’s Wharf serves fresh seafood, especially clam chowder and crabs cooked to order. North Beach is the place to go for Italian food, and the Mission (birth place of the mission style burrito) for Mexican and Latin American cuisine of all sorts. San Francisco restaurants are also very corkage friendly. Average corkage fee appears to be in the $15 range, with some of the more pricey places charging $25-35.

    Vacation is a chance to have some fun. Don’t forget about limo deals and specials above, booking a limousine for your dining in San Francisco Bay Area.

  •    San Francisco Bay Area Events

    Event Limo Deals

    • Jayme Stones Folklife April 20, 2017
      The vital Canadian musician Jayme Stone, dubbed the Yo-Yo Ma of the banjo, performs songs from his new "Folklife" recording--Creole calypso, Sea Islands spirituals and Appalachian dance tunes--in a quartet of singing instrumentalists.
    • San Francisco Symphony April 20, 2017
      The Symphony's elegant concertmaster Alexander Barantschik leads a performance of Vivaldi's 1721 masterwork "The Four Seasons," evoking the breezes and singing birds of spring, buzzing summer gnats, drunken peasants celebrating the fall harvest, the icy snow and chattering teeth of winter.
    • Joey DeFrancesco April 20, 2017
      The rousing Philly organist, who started playing trumpet after a stint with Miles Davis, grooves and wails on his Hammond B-3 with his People--drummer Jason Brown, guitarist Dan Wilson and saxophonist Troy Roberts--as well as singing and blowing trumpet.
    • Tangonero April 20, 2017
      This San Francisco tango group covers a spectrum of soulful Argentine music, mixing instrumental pieces by Horacio Salgan and Astor Piazzolla with songs by Roberto Grela and others, sung by Claudio Ortega with Alex Roitman on the essential bandoneon.
    • "Guys and Dolls" in Oakland April 20, 2017
      Bryan Nies conducts the Oakland Symphony and Chorus in a concert version of Frank Loesser's evergreen musical "Guys and Dolls." The cast includes Jack Wilkins as lovable gambler Nathan Detroit and Annie Sherman as the prim evangelist Sister Sarah Brown.

    Get the best SF limo deal, booking a private limousine for your special night at the opera, symphony or concert in Oakland or San Francisco.