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Lusaka, in Lusaka Province, is the capital of Zambia. It is a cosmopolitan city that is home to approximately one in ten Zambians.

Gone are the days when getting to Lusaka meant flying via Johannesburg, Lusaka is fast becoming something of a regional hub. KLM now fly direct from Amsterdam and Emirates are offering low cost connections via its middle east base alongside the existing British Airways service and a much expanded Ethiopian network. Also Air Namibia also now offer low cost connections from Cape Town via Windhoek.

Lusaka remains well-served by flights from Johannesburg, Cairo, Dubai, Nairobi, Lilongwe, Addis Ababa, and London. British Airways remains the main intercontinental carrier that flies to Lusaka from Europe, with direct flights from London three times a week (British Airways will suspend flights from Heathrow to Lusaka in Zambia from the start of its winter schedule on October 27. The services are being cancelled because they do not make a profit). Emirates connects Lusaka with Dubai several times a week since 2012. South African Airways fly to Lusaka from Johannesburg with multiple flights per day, EgyptAir from Cairo, Kenya Airways from Nairobi and Ethiopian Airlines from Addis fly daily. Besides, air viva offers flights from 9 domestic cities.
(NB: in Johannesburg the airlines have no control over baggage in transit and the airport’s baggage concessionnaire is exempt from responsibility by contract, so lost and especially pilfered baggage can be an issue.)

Various other African airlines serve Lusaka. In December 1994, Zambia Airways went into liquidation, and Zambian Airways (former Mine Air Services) ceased operation in early 2009. Zambezi Airlines ceased operations in late 2011. Pro-Flight traditionally has specialized in serving tourist game lodges rather than trunk intercity flights, though this seems to be changing.

With effect from 15 July 2009, all Zambian airlines have been refused permission to operate services to the EU. This decision, by the EU Air Safety Committee, followed an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) audit of Zambia, which discovered significant shortcomings in the ability of the Zambian civil aviation authorities to ensure the safe operation of airlines licensed by them. The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends against flying with any Zambian-based airline if a reasonable alternative exists.

International airlines that are represented in Lusaka include:
  Air Angola - PO Box 37731, Lusaka; tel: 01 222401, 221684.
  Air Botswana - c/o Steve Blaus Travel, Nkwazi Road, PO Box 31530, Lusaka; tel: 01 227739/40, 227285.
  Air France - c/o Steve Blaus Travel, Nkwazi Road, PO Box 31530, Lusaka; tel: 01 227739/40, 227285.
  Air India - 1st Floor, Shop 4, Findeco House, Cairo Road, PO Box 34471, Lusaka; tel: 01 223128, 226349.
  Air Malawi - ZNIB House, Dedan Kimathi Road, PO Box 36384, Lusaka; tel: 01 228120.
  Air Tanzania - 5300 Pandit Nehru Road, PO Box 32635, Lusaka; tel: 01 251189, 252499.
  Air Zimbabwe - Kariba House, 32 Chachacha Road, PO Box 35191, Lusaka; tel: 01 225431, 221750.
  British Airways - Southern Sun (ex Holiday Inn), PO Box 32006, Lusaka; tel: 01 254444, 255320, 254482.
  Kenya Airways/KLM - Church Road, PO Box 31856, Lusaka; tel: 01 228908/886.
  South African Airways - Room 242, Hotel InterContinental; tel: 01 254350. Airport tel: 01 271101. Open M-F 08.30-16.30, Sat 09.00-11.00.
  For domestic flights, there are various airlines, indluding Airwaves, Avocet Air Charters, Stabo Air Charters, Staravia and Ngwazi Air Charters.

Lusaka International Airport (LUN) is well-signposted and is situated 25km from the center, off Great East Road. There is no public transportation at the airport, and a taxi to/from downtown costs K150,000. Going to the airport, however, it is possible to take a minibus (K4,000, 30min with stops) from along Great East Road to the taxi rank on Palm Road in Chelston. Ask to get off at the “(Water) Tank”. From there, it is possible to negotiate a taxi fare to the airport for around K50,000 (15min).

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