Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Deal Score?

Travel Deal Score is a number based on a math calculation made by LTC specialists. This number tells you exactly how good a travel deal you’re looking at. You can save your money using Travel Deal Score to quickly find the best luxury travel deals and vendor’s special offers.

Travel Deal Scores are based on an absolute scale, meaning that a TDS of a higher number is a better deal than a TDS of a lower number.

TDS can range from 1 to 100. Deals at either end of this range are rare, but a 100 means that this is one of the best travel deals in the Luxury Travel Cloud.

How is Travel Deal Score calculated?

We factor in lots of things while calculating Travel Deal Score. Some of the factors that influence Travel Deal Score are:

  • Travel Promotions, Discounts and Special Offers
  • Current Market Prices
  • Vendor’s Reputation & Professional Affiliations
  • Ease of Booking and Payment
  • Travel Option variety and Selection
  • Customer Support (live chat, help pages, call centers)
  • Customer-generated Reviews

What is Overall Customer Satisfaction Rate?

Overall Customer Satisfaction Rate is a measure of how products or services supplied by LTC vendors meet or surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction rate is measured on a 5-star scale and based on customer-generated reviews, recommendations, BBB Rate and other business aspect and company characteristics.