Limo Tours in California Wine Country

Limo Tours in California Wine Country

California’s Napa Valley has over three hundred wineries. Located right off Napa Valley highways are some of the most famous wineries in America. Then, the beautiful Sonoma Valley has over two hundred wineries. A tour of this region includes seeing the wineries and other local places of interest, learning about the history and development of wine making, and tasting the various vintages made at the wineries. These tours are introductions to the many types of grapes grown in the California vineyards in different locations.

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San Francisco Limo Companies offer luxury limo tours of the wine country. In fact, they provide different tour package plans to fit any budget. People can choose trips to either Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley. They can also book a tour that includes a sampling of both valleys. Individuals wanting to see both Sonoma and Napa in one tour must realize that in order to see both of them in one day, they must stay within a certain distance of San Francisco. For this reason, they choose wineries in the southern regions of the two valleys. The many types of wines found in Europe and around the world are made right in California. For limo tours through these scenic, agricultural valleys, limo services provide many options and deals.

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