Audience Profile

As the popular luxury travel deals provider, Luxury Travel Cloud audience are highly favorable consumers who definitely are well-informed, allowing yourself an enthusiastic lifestyle with high discretionary income. By advertising and marketing with us, your marketing information can not just simply span the globe — it can easily approach the appropriate customers at the perfect time, regardless of who or where they are.

The Luxury Travel Cloud target audience profile is obvious. Our web pages and social media accounts catch the attention of the most proactive web consumers found anywhere, along with quite possibly the most wealthy travelers in the United States and other countries. Our target audience is focused on traveling in luxury and style, and vacationing at sophisticated, high-class properties all over the world.

Visitor Profile

Average Income…$160,000
Income over $250,000…15%
Financial Portfolio $250K-$999K…28%
Financial Portfolio $1Million+…10%

C-Level & Senior Management…10%
Business Owner/Entrepreneur…15%

Annual Travel Spending
$10,000 + … 65%
$7,100-$10,000 … 12%
$5,100-$7,100 … 6%
$2,000-$5,000 … 9%
Travel Internationally … 78%