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Offer ID #: 15
Posted: 01/26/2015
New York Secret Hotels
Hotel Class: 5-star
Acc.Type: Hotel
Nearby City: New York
Country: USA
Hotel Name: Hotel Name is Hidden
Discount: Up To 70%
Price Range:
Offer Details:
New York Undercover Hotels
Save up to 70% off on quality New York hotels.
Find great hotel deals at New York undercover hotels. These are discount hotels which we cannot publish with their names due to the hotel’s pricing policy. We call these undercover hotels or no- name hotels but they are special brand name hotels such as Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Marriott, Best Western, Sheraton, Radisson, Hyatt Regency or individual hotels that provide exclusive discounted rates in exchange of hiding their names.

Telephone: 866 775 1466
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Expiration: 1/31/2016
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