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Offer ID #: 9
Posted: 01/26/2015
2-day Escape From Malaga
Cruise Region: Europe
Cruise Line: Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
Port: Málaga, Spain
Cruise Lenght: 2 Day
Ship: Norwegian Spirit
Price Range: $149 - $249
Offer Details:
Europe is relatively small as continents go. And since it's surrounded by water, it only makes sense to explore it by sea, where the grandeur of Europe is never out of sight.Step ashore in Istanbul where the brilliance of golden domes is matched only by the dazzling Mediterranean sun. Gaze upon the awesome fjords of Norway. Stand before the inscrutable Sphinx and ponder awhile. Tour the grand palaces filled with the works of Michelangelo, Donatello and da Vinci. Wander through the medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals; the gilded concert halls where the operas of Puccini and Verdi, and the symphonies of Mozart and Beethoven and Chopin were first performed.But there are also other sides of Europe. The glitzy, glamorous Europe in the famous resorts of the French Riviera. And there's the everyday Europe, too. The busy thoroughfares of London with their two-decker buses and cozily crowded pubs. The sprawling cafes of Paris where office workers munch baguettes and sip espressos. It's more than a way of discovering the Old World – these wonderful places are a way of discovering the fabric that makes up the very core of our own culture.

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